Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) President visit Russia

President of Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha with his team visited Russia from Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2017 for the 13th South Asian Games slated to be held on Nepal.

In Kazan, a meeting was held on Jan 31st where NOC team met with Russia’s First Assistant Minister of youth, Republic of Tartarstan Hon.Khalil Shaykhutdinov and former minister and Russian Olympic Committee general secretary and a member of Parliament Honorable Maharatha and President of  ‘Children of Asia’ Games organizing committee Mr. Dmitry Glushko were present. Discussions about training for Nepali athletes, providing scholarships & support undertakings and support for the development of Infrastructure in Nepal. Yesterday, President Shrestha and team also inspected some of the infrastructures there.

On February 1, NOC President Shrestha along with President of Nepal SAMBO Federation and President of IPC Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha met with the President of International SAMBO Federation Mr. Vasily Shestakov in the SAMBO Office in Moscow, for the development of SAMBO in Nepal.

On the same day NOC President Shrestha met with Alexey Ovchinnikov from the Russian Mountaineering Federation where they talked about Mountaineering Sports Development in Nepal and about the development of training centers in Nepal.

On February 3, President Shrestha had a meeting in Moscow, Russian Olympic Building with the 1st Vice-President of Russian Olympic Committee Mr. Stanislav Pozdnyakov, The State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, sport, tourism and youth affairs Marat M. Baariev, Chief of Section, Relations With International Sports Organizations of Russian Olympic Committee Mr. Alexey Slautin representing Russia. In the meeting there was bilateral conversation between each party where improvements of Athletes, exchanges of Athletes and scholarships/training programs for Nepali Athletes were discussed. ROC also presented a MOU Proposal draft to NOC. From Nepal Secretary of Youth and Sport Ministry Mr. Mahesh Dahal, Joint Secretary Mr. Chudamani Paudel and President of Nepal SAMBO Federation and President of IPC Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha.