Little Buddha »Dashi Namdakova is named the official territory of Nepal in Buryatia

August 26, 2017

The Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia will support the project of creating a Buddhist center in the homeland of the Buddha – in Lumbini. This was agreed in the residence of Sanga – Ivolginsky datsan by the ambassador of Nepal to Russia, Mr. Rishirama Ghimire and Pandito Hambo lama Damba Ayusheyev.

As the press service of the Ivolginsky datsan, the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Nepal in Russia, Mr. Rishirama Ghimire arrived in Buryatia on August 25. The delegation included representatives of the Society for Cooperation and Friendship with Nepal, headed by Vice-President Vladimir Fedotov.

During the visit to the Ivolginsky datsan, the Ambassador of Nepal told Hambo to the lama about a new international project. It consists in creating in the homeland of Buddha in Lumbini (the territory of modern Nepal) the world Buddhist center and invited the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia to participate in the implementation of this project.

According to Hambo Lama, the territory of modern Nepal, once divided into different principalities, and in the territory of one of such states – Lee Mongols lived back in the VI century, and after making a journey of 20 thousand kilometers, settled in the territory of modern Mongolia and Buryatia.

“We lived near the birthplace of the Buddha and most likely were Buddhists, although Buddhism came to Buryatia later. But in our language there have always been a lot of Sanskrit words, “- quotes the press service of Hambo Lama Damb Ayusheev.

It should be noted that the sculpture “Little Buddha” Dashi Namdakova, donated by the author to the Buddhist traditional Sangha, caused a special interest in the guests. Dyuba Ayusheyev, who accompanied the delegation, noted that this sculpture can be considered the “official territory” of Nepal in the Ivolginsky datsan, as the Buddha is depicted here at the same age as he was in Lumbini.