Signing of MoU between Tokha Muncipality, Government of Nepal and International Public Chamber (IPC)

A MoU was signed between Tokha Muncipality, Government of Nepal and International Public Chamber (IPC) on 9 March 2018. The main objective of the MoU was to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations and mutual collaboration and support to promote IPC activities in Nepal. The official signatories from Tokha Municipality and IPC were Mr. Prakash Adhikari, Mayor, Majuhiti, Tokha, Kathmandu and Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha, President, IPC respectively.  Mr. Adhikari will be guiding the strategic implementation of the IPC activities by providing his valuable suggestions and experiences. It was decided that regular meeting between the two organizations will be held for monitoring activities and documenting the progress.

The objectives of IPC are as follows:

  • To collaborate with different organizations from the world working towards community development issues;
  • To establish project that focuses on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG);
  • To help people in their career development by providing necessary skills and training through social entrepreneurship programs;
  • To send under privileged yet diligent and deserving Nepalese Citizen to the third country to help them pursue fully funded higher education in their desired field of study;
  • To promote women empowerment by providing free vocational trainings;
  • To sponsor aspiring athletes and sports person to take part in different sporting events in all parts of the globe;
  • To assist in the financing projects that’s helps people to monitor and improve their health conditions;
  • To organize programs that provides sports training;
  • To provide emergency services and mobilize volunteers in the aftermath of natural calamities;
  • To coordinate national and international volunteer services.
2018-03-09 10.26.14
Mr. Prakash Ghimire, Mayor, Tokha Muncipality, GoN and Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha, President, IPC
2018-03-09 10.23.49
Signing of MoU between Tokha Municipality, GoN and IPC