Collaboration between International Public Chamber (IPC) and Accreditation International (AI)

On April 22 2018, a meeting was convened between representatives from IPC and Accreditation International (AI) at Moscow, Russia. The main agenda of the meeting was to establish an academic collaboration between the two and implement AI standards of education in academic institutions within the South East Asia region. The students of the institutions who affiliate to AI will get facilities to pursue higher studies in international universities associated under the AI umbrella. This collaboration will be a first of its kind which can improve quality of education in South East Asia region. On behalf of IPC Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha, President, IPC was present whereas on Behalf of AI Mr. Jesse T. Haines, Associate Executive Director, AI and Ms. Julie Benedik, Principal and Regional Director for Eastern Europe, AI were present. Mr. Shrestha highlighted that this partnership would be an excellent opportunity for the deserving students of South East Asia Region.

About Accreditation International (AI)

Accreditation International (AI) provides essential standards and indicators to assure the quality of schools worldwide. These standards are based on international research, best practices, and accreditation traditions.

By combining efforts with AI the schools and centers may receive both specialized and international recognition of their quality using one set of standards and once process. In addition, schools and education providers are given the opportunity to add standards and indicators that match their mission. This expands their quality assurance to unique attributes, such as religion, culture, experimental delivery system, or educational philosophy.

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