Celebration of Lord Buddha’s Birthday (Buddha Jayanti) in Nepal House at Etnomir, Kaluga region-Russia.

30 April 2018: Diaspora Nepalese in Russia celebrated 2562th Buddha Jayanti (Lord Buddha’s birthday). The event was organized by the NRNA NCC Russia in Nepal House at Etnomir, Kaluga region-Russia. The ceremony was attended by Honorary Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal to the Russian Federation Mr. Rishi Rama Ghimire; the president of International Public Chamber (IPC) Mr. Dhananjaya Shrestha; and President of NRNA NCC Mr. Rameshor Gautam. The Association of non-residents of Nepal in Russia, members of the Nepalese Diaspora and Embassy staff performed a clean-up in the Nepalese house, oiling the stone statues, lighting candles and hold a ceremony of worship near Buddha Stupa. All guests of the Ethnomir, participants of the Festival of healthy lifestyle, had a unique opportunity to join the holiday personally.

Especially revered in the Buddhist world, the Buddha Jayanti festival symbolizes both the birth, enlightenment and the transition of the Lord Buddha into Parinirvana. Lord Buddha was born in the province of Lumbini, the territory of modern Nepal, in 563 BC Prince Siddhartha Gautama. The only heir to the throne deliberately refused to reign, chose the way of the monk to open the way for people to liberation from suffering. “Lord Buddha’s teaching is more important than ever for the world today, in the XXI century. Humanity has suffered a great deal in the last century and is once again on the verge of new confrontations and challenges. Following the Dharma (the Supreme law), fulfilling the duty to society, family, homeland, suppressing desires, acceptance and love for loved ones will help humanity to recover from suffering and find spiritual peace, to establish peace between peoples”, – said the President of the international charitable public Foundation “Dialogue of Cultures – United World” Mr. Ruslan Bayramov.

The house of Nepal in Moscow has been the home for Nepalese Diaspora in Russia for the past seven years. During this time, a unique project caught the attention of visitors of the Park. Nepali house gives you the opportunity to literally travel back to Nepal to admire the Newari architecture of the Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, amazing carvings in wood and stone crafted by Nepalese craftsmen especially for the Park. The construction was carried out with the participation of the Nepalese Diaspora in Russia, with the Support of the Embassy of Nepal in Russia. Today, the building has an ethnic hotel, open to all visitors wishing to relax in this Nepali house.