Miss BRICS International Competition

The contest was held within the framework of the international meeting “BRICS Alliance Business Forum – 2018”

Russian Elena Vervekina became the winner of the first international competition Miss BRICS International, which ended in New Delhi.

The second and third place was taken by girls from Iran and India.

Representatives of Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Zimbabwe, India, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Uganda, Japan participated in the competition.

“We intended to hold a cultural show of different countries, but at many international meetings there are similar cultural events, so we wanted to do something new – a beauty contest at which representatives of different countries could also present their culture, and invited representatives of all states, who cooperates with the BRICS, “said the representative of the organizers from the Indian side, Mr. Jilani.

During the performance the girls demonstrated national costumes, performed songs, talked about the culture of their countries. The Russian participant performed a Russian dance “Kalinka-Malinka” during her performance in a national costume.

The International Alliance of Strategic Projects BRICS was established on February 29, 2016. This is an autonomous non-profit organization promoting the development of international relations within the BRICS group. Representatives of Russia, other member countries of the Union, as well as representatives of Serbia, Malaysia, Germany, Great Britain and other countries gathered at the meeting in New Delhi. The participants of the meeting considered projects for joint implementation.


Department for Support of Compatriots Abroad and Development of Public Diplomacy IPC

Department for Protection of Maternity and Childhood IPC

Department for Development of International Cultural Integration, Art Industry and Tourism IPC

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