International Public Chamber (Nepal) in the Government of Moscow at the All-Russian Social Forum “Active Longevity”

On October 8, the Active Longevity Forum was held at the House of the Moscow Government within the framework of support for the Presidential programs and programs of the Moscow Government.

According to the Presidential Decree on the national goals and strategic objectives of the development of Russia until 2024, national projects are being developed in 12 areas of socio-economic development. The planned amount of funds for the implementation of this Decree is about 25 trillion rubles.

The priority direction is the project “Health”, which aims to unite the medical and pharmacological business.

In the next six years, the government plans to allocate more than 300 billion rubles in various volumes for the development of medicine annually.

These funds will be implemented to provide various measures to reduce mortality, able-bodied Russians, including those from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, ensure universal access to primary health care, increase the number of doctors, focus on the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles, the development of new medical and Digital Healthcare.

The Active Longevity Forum will provide a field for constructive interaction of participants in the investment process and discussion of topical issues related to the implementation of promising business projects in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The platform for communication between government and business is also aimed at improving the institutional, legal and economic conditions for the practical use of public-private partnership mechanisms.

The forum was attended by representatives of state authorities, business circles and expert community of Russia, foreign delegations.

Department for Development of Education, Science and Ecology IPC
Department for Protection of Maternity and Childhood IPC
Department for Social Policy, Health and Quality of Life of Citizens IPC
Department for Physical Culture, Sports and Popularization of Traditional National Cultures for Healthy Lifestyle, incl. ayurvedic IPC

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