Programs and Projects of the Institute of Management Systems and Economics IPC

International Project:
International Federation of Science and Technology
Specialized communication platform for scientists, researchers, young professionals and students from around the world to discuss practical scientific and technical issues of cooperation

International Program:
The program includes plenary sessions, round tables on sectoral dialogue and business meetings in the format of bilateral negotiations, which will allow participants to share experiences and establish new business, scientific and cultural contacts.

Special international integration Program:
Development of partner regions through international scientific and technical, educational, business and creative exchanges.
Programs of international exchanges of social, business, scientific, educational and cultural communities.

Thematic events

Programs of social events on:
“Public service: experience of countries and generations”
“Virtues, Trustees, Volunteers”

Program of interactive events on the topic:
“International testing of scientific, industrial, educational, cultural organizations and creative teams for the introduction of scientific and technological achievements and mentoring”

Program of international events on social, cultural and scientific cooperation on the topic:

Training international Programs:
“School of Aviation and Cosmonautics” (for children and adults)
“Organization and holding in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region of the Olympiad in the natural sciences.”
“International School of Scientific and Industrial Linguistics and Journalism”
“Support for international projects and programs”

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