International Public Chamber (IPC)

International Public Chamber (IPC) was established on 23rd of May, 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The organization was established to enforce smooth and rapid development in the areas of health, education, sports and social welfare in Nepal with the aid of organizations and people from different parts of the globe. The project areas will be identified by rigorous research and survey conducted by the corresponding team working in Nepal.

Nepal, a country abundant in natural resources, natural beauty, cultural heritages, diversified culture, and secular religious environment definitely deserves a much more attention from the world.

The Federative Democratic Republic of Nepal is located between China and India, occupying the territory of 147.181 sq. Km. The population of 28.58 million people, includes more than 100 ethnic groups speaking 92 languages. The official language is Nepali. Religion is Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Nepal there are seven objects from the monuments protected by UNESCO.

The economy is too dependent on investment, donations, tourism and agriculture, which is one third of GDP and employs three-quarters of the population. Currently, much effort is being made to modernize the trade and investment regimes in order to diversify the economy into more lucrative activities.

Before Nepal, as a mountainous country, there is a difficult task of rebuilding the country after several devastating earthquakes, floods, landslides. The earthquake in 2015 destroyed more than 600 schools, about 300 thousand houses, the victims of the disaster were almost 8,900 people.


IPC-site for the organization of civilized, mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation of state and state-budget institutions, Public Chambers, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, organizations and enterprises of various forms of ownership and types of activities, individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals of countries of the world.

Format of events:

Thematic meetings, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, festivals, video and TV bridges, etc.


  •  To collaborate with different organizations from the world working towards community development issues;
  • To establish project that focuses on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG);
  • To help people in their career development by providing necessary skills and training through social entrepreneurship programs;
  • To send under privileged yet diligent and deserving Nepalese Citizen to the third country to help them pursue fully funded higher education in their desired field of study;
  • To promote women empowerment by providing free vocational trainings;
  • To sponsor aspiring athletes and sports person to take part in different sporting events in all parts of the globe;
  • To assist in the financing projects that’s helps people to monitor and improve their health conditions;
  •  To organize programs that provides sports training;
  • To provide emergency services and mobilize volunteers in the aftermath of natural calamities;
  • To coordinate national and international volunteer services.