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International Public Chamber (IPC) runs a program for interested candidates all over the world to do volunteer activities in Nepal. The volunteer activities is a unique opportunity for the people all over the world to get connected with the people of Nepal and know their culture and life style closely. And what better opportunity to know Nepal and their people by substantially contributing to their life. The volunteering activities may range from education, health, women empowerment, vocational training and cultural tourism.

Over the past few decades, Nepal has gone through numerous political transformations until the country now is officially Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In the midst of all the political evolution, the civil society has faced a lot of challenges in terms of education, health, business, etc. through many generations. The impact of which has been more severe in the remote areas where it is difficult to provide basic facilities and development infrastructures.

Another major challenge faced by people of Nepal was the infamous earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter scale on 22 April 2015. The aftermath of the quake not only shook the surface and infrastructure but also the confidence and sentiments of the Nepalese citizens. More than 8000 people lost their lives, and many more were left injured. After 3 years there are many families especially in remote areas, where they still live unsheltered because all of their belongings were destroyed by the quake. The aid process was very difficult to manage in time because of lack of proper system and manpower. It was realized that how important it is to be prepared ahead to be able to manage disaster consequences. Therefore, we aim to jointly work hand in hand to improve upon the system and resources required in a crisis situation like that.

Nepal, a country abundant in natural resources, natural beauty, cultural heritages, diversified culture, and secular religious environment definitely deserves a much more attention from the world. Therefore, IPC was established with an aim to contribute in any possible way to provide the underprivileged group from Nepal the opportunity that they deserve to have a better life and society as a whole.

In IPC we are a dedicated group of people who expertise in arranging the logistics and program for your stay at different parts of Nepal. We focus more on development rather than making profits. Hence, our service charges are based upon your logistic expenses and minimal amount to sustain the administrative costs of the office.