A platform for the organization of a civilized, mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation between the state and state-funded institutions, Public chambers, the chamber of Commerce, organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms and activities, individual entrepreneurs, and individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.

The main objective of the Forum is to integrate countries and regions to attract investment in international innovative projects and programs of various sectors of the economy, science and culture.

The Forum invited the ministries and government departments, embassies, international financial institutions, associations, foundations, chamber of Commerce, and also heads of the enterprises of various branches of economy, science and culture, scientific-production associations, banks, insurance and consulting companies, media organizations of Russia and foreign countries.

with the assistance and partnership:
– The Yakut Republican Association Of Miners “Union Gold”;
– Eastern Alliance Association (Dhaka, Bangladesh);
– The Russian Business Council for cooperation with Pakistan at the RF CCI

with participation of:

– Dibbya Cultural Organization (Dhaka, Bangladesh);
– Nepal SAMBO Federation;
– Nepal UNIFIGHT Federation;
Moscow humanitarian University (Mosgu);
– FGBOU “the First Moscow state University. I. M. Sechenov”;
– FEDERAL state budget institution “Russian state medical University. N. And.Pirogov”;
– FEDERAL state budget institution “Moscow state medical stomatological University n. a. A. I. Evdokimov”;
– FEDERAL state budget institution “Tver state medical Academy Ministry of health of the Russian Federation”;
– FEDERAL state budget institution “Russian University of Friendship of peoples (PFUR)”;
– Russian Fund “the World of Saint-Exupery”;
– FEDERAL state budget institution “Institute of Russian language”;
– BA of the Republic of Kalmykia “the national orchestra of Kalmykia Republic”;
– Theater and concert Bureau Rampa.

supported by:

Embassy of Nepal in Russia;
– The Embassy of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh in Russia;
– The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Russia;
– The public chamber of the Russian Federation;
– The international public Fund “Russian peace Foundation”;
– The Assembly of peoples of Russia;
– The Moscow house of nationalities;
– National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts (Dhaka, Bangladesh) ;
– Hiraishi Clinic (Tokyo, Japan);
Tokyo International Medical Institute Co., Ltd.;
– Moscow research oncological Institute named after P. A. Gertsena health Ministry of the Russian Federation;
– Fsbi “SMRC radiology” of Ministry of healthcare of Russia;
Medical radiological scientific center named. A. F. Tsyb (Obninsk);
– GBUZ “Central research Institute of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery”;
– GBUZ “Maxillofacial hospital for war veterans”;
– OSP “Russian gerontological scientific clinical center.”