Institute of Management Systems and Economics IPC is an international research, educational, educational center of the International Public Chamber.


To promote the development of the International Public Chamber and its partners through the implementation of joint international projects and programs, the organization of international additional professional education and professional development, as well as conducting analytical, research and educational work.


Within the framework of the Institute, research activities have been organized, a synthesis of the best international experience in the management of organizations of various forms of ownership and activities with the development of services and protection of the interests of compatriots and the business community in the country and abroad.

Representatives of authorities and associations of entrepreneurs from different countries, domestic and foreign scientists and teachers of leading educational and scientific institutions, leaders and specialists of public organizations, chambers of commerce and industry and commerce are invited as teachers of the Institute.


  • To promote the development of the integration of countries and regions to implement joint international innovation projects and programs in various fields of economy, science, education and culture.
  • Develop and implement projects and programs for the International Public Chamber.
  • To promote investment and innovative projects with the organization of search for investors and partners, including foreign ones.
  • To carry out information and analytical support of business activities and strategic consulting.
  • Organize travel partners in the regions to get acquainted with enterprises, educational and scientific organizations and investment projects.
  • To promote the promotion of consumer and corporate brands.
  • To prepare proposals on improving measures and mechanisms to support small and medium-sized businesses.
  • To develop social, youth and women’s entrepreneurship.
  • Cooperate with social and charitable companies and media.
  • To organize social support for the unprotected strata of the population who are in difficult life situations.
  • To promote activities in the field of prevention and protection of human health, physical culture and sports, promoting healthy lifestyles, strengthening prestige and the role of the family in society.
  • Conduct joint research and activities in the framework of cooperation with educational institutions of different countries.
  • To create a system of international additional professional education and advanced training taking into account the use of modern educational technologies.
  • Participate in the development of programs for integrated testing of foreign citizens.
  • Work with the appeals of entrepreneurs to protect their rights both in the country and abroad.

Main activities:

  • public diplomacy;
  • cultural diplomacy and international cultural integration;
  • strategic (management) consulting;
  • production management;
  • investment management and business planning;
  • international law and law;
  • social entrepreneurship (socially-oriented business);
  • venture philanthropy and fundraising;
  • communication management;
  • modern exhibition and multimedia technologies;
  • art management and socio-cultural production;
  • code of business communication between different countries;
  • business negotiations, business etiquette and protocol;
  • secular and business methods;
  • MICE-industry (business tourism, presentations, business meetings, exhibitions, negotiations);
  • tourism (scientific, cultural, cognitive, social, etc.)


  • Public Council;
  • Business Council;
  • Innovative advice;
  • Branch Council;
  • Press center;
  • Public reception;
  • Information and analytical agency;
  • Agency for Legal and Economic Protection of Business;
  • Agency for work with Departments;
  • Agency for work with structural units: Representations, Branches, Committees, Commissions, Councils, Unions, Federations, Clubs, etc .;
  • Agency for creative and business communication:
  • conferences, forums, assemblies, symposiums, negotiations, round tables;
  • presentations, promotions, discussions, discussions, speeches, exhibitions;
  • concerts, competitions, festivals, etc.

Business Training Agency:

  • training workshops (lectures, seminars, master classes, courses, studios, etc.);
  • School of international protocol and etiquette.